Where am I going ? – Mingling personal goals and field reality

Yet another tricky question is : where am I going ?

Without further ado, here is the first draft of my planned roadhttp://goo.gl/maps/WA81u. Now, here comes some explainations.

As I don’t have yet any official places to reach (meaning : media libraries, city halls, schools), I am very flexible. Still, I have to start somewhere to have an even remotely idea of the countries in which I would be searching hosts. Three main criteria then comes in :

1) How smoothly my board games workshops would be working;

2) Which countries are connected to each other to make a somehow linear trip;

3) Which places I would like to visit.

1) Workshop easiness !

This criteria is of course way the most important, as I’m definitely not putting my personal pleasure above the project’s goal (meaning : making board games). I guess it would be easier to start the workshops in some countries I would have less trouble creating board games, thus two sub-criteria : language mastery and board games general popularity.

As I basically speak English, French and a little bit German (as a sidenote, I’m also learning Esperanto), France, Belgium and Germany are really interesting. Board games also seem to be quite popular in those countries, hosting several big board games events (Cannes, Essen) and being motherlands of well-known very popular games, like Settlers of Catan, Seven Wonders, Dixit, Abalone and so on.

French creator, French publisher and German award.

The whole goal of Ludi Vojago is to make board games with whoever wants, so every place in the world is a possibility. Still, the odds of running a smooth and easy workshop are higher in France and Germany thanks to languages and board games popularity. Thus, it makes sense to start my trip in those countries as a “warm up”, to acquire extra experience before going in countries with more things to consider.

2) Countries connection !

This is obvious. There is little point in going to Germany THEN Finland THEN Croatia THEN Moldova !

3) Places I would like to visit

This is the “scales tipper” criteria to make choices between similar options. If there’s no reason to go in a particular country or another, then I’d rather go somewhere I want to discover.

I had wonderful opportunities to travel around North-Central Europe those years. By no means do I know everything about those countries of course, but on the other hand I don’t know anything about South-Central Europe. Countries like Slovenia and Croatia got my attention, and I’d really like to go there. Thus the post-München trajectory to the south.

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