Some temporal schedule of the trip

Ludi Vojago has a couple of temporal marks kind of settled :

* The departure date : September 2014

* The length : 6 months

But how long will I stay in each place during those 6 months ? How long would last the workshops ? How can I manage to update the website after the workshops without slowing the trip down ?

I’m still working on these questions, but my first draft can be sum up by one (fancy) schema .


Basically, I will altern between two types of weeks : the workshop week and the travel week.

The Workshop Week

First day : Installation

Several things have to be done to be able to start the actual workshops. For example meeting people I exchanged e-mails with to get the workshop place (or even finding the actual place). I also may ask some sponsors to send me board games packs (or material packs) by mail, so I would have to grab them before the workshop. I feel more comfortable by taking a whole day to set up “things” for the workshop.

5 days of workshops

“How are the workshops organized ?” is a pretty big question. In fact, it’s such a large topic that I gotta write a whole article on it.But not right now 🙂

Last day : Website update

The point of this day is to write an articleon this blog about the workshop week, as well as archiving the various games made. I will also take some time to answer the diverse messages sent during the week, which may lead me to uncaled places during the following the travel week.

It may also be the “tearful goodbye day” !

The Travel Week

Despite the name, the Travel Week isn’t only dedicated to travelling from point A to point B. It is however part of the job to reach my next workshop place.

I also may have some interesting things to do during this trip, for exemple meeting people eager to create games or attending some gaming events which are not near my workshop place.

Would people suggest me anything interesting on the Internet, this week gives me the opportunity of actually doing it, and not only answering “Yeah, great, but I have no spare time !”.


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