Workshop report : “Spiders”

I had the opportunity to set up a new workshop with completly different people. So far, I’ve only worked with youngsters; this time the attendees were members of the video game association enthusiasts of my former university (the association being APOIL), so they were already familiar with Game Design.

They also happened to be my friends, so I had to work “professionnally” with people I could hang out with, which isn’t as simple as it sounds.



Length : 2h30

Theme : “Spiders”

Mechanicards : Programming & Movement (mechanisms) – Calculations (skill) – Cubes (material)

They mainly used the theme and the mechanism cards. The calculation card was quickly discarded. The cubes card was used in the beginning but abandoned a bit before the game was prototyped.


In this game, you are basically giant spider riders. As spiders are very fast animals, you ahve to give them several orders beforehand so they can analyse them. Each player has a small pawn in an arena, representing the spider rider, and draws cards in two middle piles : “actions” and “movement”. Each turn, players put 5 cards in front of them, then each player reveals the first card and resolve it and so on.

The spiders can bite, sting and even spit venom, granted the player has the “spit” card and the occasion to make its pawn pass through the acid pit in the middle of the arena.

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