About the project

Ludi Vojago is a board game creation workshop tour around Europe. Let’s make board games together. Let’s have fun !


In a nutshell

Ludi Vojago is a board games workshops animation tour around Europe.

I will travel during 6 months through 9 countries to make 12 workshop weeks. Each series will take place in a structure eager to host the workshops : media librairies, board games associations, cultural centers…

During those workshops, people will be able to create actual board games prototypes and bring them back home !

Follow the project via the website : http://ludivojago.com or the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LudiVojago


Extra information about the project

– They will take place in various South Central European countries, in some convenient places like schools or City Halls;

– The tour will start in September 2014, and the workshops will last about 7 days;

– We will play and create games, and everybody will eventually have some hand-made game !

– People are very welcome to contact me and give me ideas of things to do during my trip !

– On a side note, Ludi means “to play” in Esperanto, and Vojago (actually vojaĝo) means “trip”.

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