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The “Mechanicards” is a set of cards created for the workshops. In a nutshell, it is a bunch of cards describing most board games elements, divided in 3 themes : Player skills, Material and Mechanism.

The goal here is to provide every people attending the workshops some references about what’s possible to do with board games. I give every team 4 randomly-drawn cards (2 blue, 1 green, 1 red) to give them some “constraints” for their game.


Like this.

People are obviously free to use them or not ! It is merely a way to give them some fresh ideas, coupled with some random themes.

Can I use those cards for some personnal awesome projects ?

Yes ! Almost 🙂

They are under Creative Commons “Attribution”, which means you can do whatever you want with/to them as long as you mention me in their utilisation & don’t make money with them.

Where can I find them ?

Do you want a fancy version ? Buy them !

In French

In English

Don’t want to buy them ? No problem : download them !

French – PDF // RAR

English – PDF // ZIP


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