D-35 : what’s going on before the departure

It’s been a while since I didn’t post some news about the project so far, even if the departure day is getting closer and closer. A little bit more than 1 month before the first trip,¬†I may have some things to settle down, but there has been a lot of exciting news.

Let’s do a little recap.


Workshop presentation

The workshops lacked a short and clear presentation (nobody likes Walls of text). Here it is.

Feel free to use and share it to any structure which could be interested by such workshops ! ūüôā



Translated Mechanicards

Remember the Mechanicards, those little cards describing board games mechanisms, skills and material ? Well, they are finally translated in English, so people from all around the world will be able to use them.

Feel free to use them as they are on Creative Commons Attribution. You just have to somehow mention me at some point, at least by highlighting the link to my website on the bottom of the cards !


I will put them more clearly on my porfolio as soon as possible, but so far you can download the PDF here.


Schedule scramble

The two first months of the project are going to be everything but what I initially planned.

* I’m starting my trip the 2nd of September. My first destination is Auxerre, where a workshop will take place the 3rd.

* Instead of reaching Besan√ßon the 1st of September, I’ll be there the 6th to launch the project at the CRIJ. Then workshops will take place several times during the following week in different places (more information later on the post).

* I will most likely spend some days in Lille after Besançon.

* My next stop is Brussels from the 22nd of September for 1 week. Yes, Brussels – which means I’ll actually travel to 10 countries now. I couldn’t find any structure in Mulhouse unfortunately.

* Then I’ll travel to Munich to be up and ready the 6th of October.

* Finally, I’m going to the Essen spiel festival from the 16th to the 19th of October.


Confused ? Maybe a couple of screenshots will help you then !


Week1Planning  Week2Planning


Besançon workshops

So far, 3 workshops will take place around Besan√ßon. I’m still looking for more (with a huge help from my friend there, Evelyne, who pretty much contacted the whole city – which for I can’t thank her enough), but for now, here are the workshops :

* Tuesday & Friday evening with the board games association Doubs you play. They are usually playing games thoses evenings, but they kindly accepted that I animate workshops at the same time. They are located here.

* Saturday, I’m going to animate a full workshop (playing then creating) at the “Maison de quartier” Montrapon, a place for young people to come and do… fun things.


Lots of board games material

Toutpourlejeu, an awesome company selling board game material, kindly accepted to sponsor the project ! So a pack full of board games material is coming¬†in a few days. I’ll keep you informed (these guys¬†totally deserve a full article).

However, I also bought some extra material on Spielmaterial to be able to do some workshops as soon as possible.



Ok, that’s not really related to the project, but I’m going in holidays for most of August ! So I’ll try my best to leave you some scheduled articles beforehand to keep you hyped ūüėČ

Spotlight : Essen, the city of Spiel

Some of you may remember the concept of Spotlight : shedding a light on a city I’m planning to set workshops in. So far, I’ve been quite lazy and did only one of them : Innsbruck, the Bridge city !

This may be explained by one simple fact : I wasn’t absolutely sure to go through each city, as long as I didn’t have¬†every structure to host the workshops. Everything could change because in a blink if I had a different opportunity.

And this is exactly what happened.

I was planning to go around Stuttgart, in Germany, right before Munich. But things have changed, and I’m now actually going to Munich first, then to another city in Germany, named Essen. Let’s have a look at this city !





Essen, which may not be one of the best known cities of Germany outside the country, is nonetheless the central part of the Ruhr, which is basically a huge urban area bordered by the Ruhr river (hence the name) and Rhine. 5.3 million people are living in the area, so Essen may play a very central role for quite a lot of people.




Couchsurfing-wise, 4,183 people currently have a profile marked as living around¬†Essen. Way to go ! I’m going to Munich to Essen, then I’ll go to Innsbruck afterwards.

…Wait. Isn’t that a very ankward trip ? First I’m going from France to the south-east of Germany, then I’m coming back to the north-west, then I’m heading straight to the south ? Does it makes much sense ?


That’s right, something very special¬†takes place in Essen : the Spiel festival. Spiel means “Game” (and “Play”) in German, a very fit name for what’s simply the largest¬†board games festival in the world.

It takes place from the 16th-19th of October and I will go there to set up some workshops, so I thought it was worth a little change of plans !

Deux nouveaux ateliers √† venir (avec des M√©canicartes imprim√©es) !

Même sans être encore parti sur les routes, les ateliers vont bon train, avec deux nouveaux ateliers prévus la semaine prochaine ! Vous pouvez les retrouver Рcomme ce sera la cas pour les prochaine Рdans le planificateur d’événements à droite.

Quel est le programme ?

Cette fois, ce soit deux ateliers parisiens qui auront lieu !

Lundi 30 juin, 19h : une “Micro game jam” de jeux de soci√©t√© organis√©e par le Gamelier. Deux heures de cr√©ation de jeux de soci√©t√© en √©quipe puis une heure pendant laquelle les √©quipes testeront les jeux des uns et des autres. Un √©v√©nement int√©ressant en perspective, organis√© par un club habitu√© √† ce genre de manifestations et un v√©ritable d√©sir de r√©unir des concepteurs de jeux de tout poil.

L’√©v√©nement n’est bien s√Ľr pas r√©serv√© aux professionnels du jeu vid√©o ! Si vous br√Ľlez d’envie de faire votre premier prototype de jeu de soci√©t√©, c’est l’occasion r√™v√©e ! Alors ne soyez pas timides et venez donc faire un tour :¬†http://www.meetup.com/Gamelier-Paris-meetup-community/events/186838542/


Samedi 5 juillet, 16h30 :¬†une Nuit du jeu (de 12h !) est organis√©e par Le Petit Ney, caf√© litt√©raire et associatif ! Cette structure bien sympathique rappellera peut-√™tre quelque chose √† certains, car c’est ici que j’ai pu faire mon premier atelier¬†dans le cadre de Ludi Vojago !

Une sorte de retour aux sources donc, mais cette fois dans le cadre d’un chouette √©v√©nement o√Ļ l’on va tous se retrouver autour du jeu. Beaucoup d’autres activit√©s auront d’ailleurs lieu, comme du test de prototypes de jeux de jeunes auteurs ou des animations de l’association Under Construction.

Les 12h du jeu ont lieu de 14h √† 2h du matin. Mon atelier aura lieu de 16h30 √† 19h30-20h. Venez nombreux, c’est tout public !¬†http://lepetitney.fr/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Juin-juillet14.pdf


Et tes mécanicartes alors ?

Une premi√®re version cartonn√©e est enfin pr√™te ! Plus solide et plus pratique que la version papier que j’utilisais jusqu’√† pr√©sent, elle sera parfaitement adapt√©e aux ateliers √† venir, ainsi qu’aux premiers envois pour les contreparties Ulule.



Cette version, toujours en Fran√ßais, n’est pas adapt√©e pour les ateliers autour de l’Europe, mais ce n’est qu’une question de temps avant de pouvoir imprimer une nouvelle version en anglais.

J’en profite pour remercier Laetitia Di Sciascio pour ses pr√©cieux conseils et avis ayant permis d’aboutir sur cette nouvelle version, ainsi que Guillaume Hoquet dont les avis m’aideront sans aucun doute √† peaufiner la version d√©finitive avec une grande pr√©cision !

Games I’ll give to the structures : Wink and T√™te de Linotte

The first part of the workshops will be dedicated to playing actual games. I’m trying to achieve several goals :

– Breaking the ice between the attendees, who may not know each other yet;

– Giving attendees references of games themes & mechanisms so they’ll be able to use them afterwards, when creating their own games;

– Creating meaningful links between the players and the structure hosting the workshop : if the structure keeps the game, the players will be able to play it afterwards, then coming back on the site.

This last point can only be successful with some actual games to give. So I looked for interesting games to carry and give, and kindly asked some board games publishers if they could give me 12 games I could leave in structures.

Two publishers agreed and gave me games : Letheia Editions and Flip Flap Editions (which you can find on my Partners page).


Oh hello.

The 2 games I’ll leave behind me will be Wink and T√™te de Linotte. Wink is a fun game where you basically have to wink somebody else to tell him you have a card he’s calling. But if your wink get caught, you lose points. The game is quite international and was taken in India by the association Inter’Lude.

Tête de linotte is a wicked memory game, where you have to memorize different animals of different colors, then give the right answer about a card revealed some time before. More cards are piling up, so the game becomes increasingly difficult. The game is very small, easy to carry and understand !

Workshop report : “Spiders”

I had the opportunity¬†to set up a new workshop with completly different people. So far, I’ve only worked with youngsters; this time the attendees were members of the video game association enthusiasts of my former university (the association being APOIL), so they were already familiar with Game Design.

They also happened to be my friends, so I had to work “professionnally” with people I could hang out with, which isn’t as simple as it sounds.



Length : 2h30

Theme : “Spiders”

Mechanicards : Programming & Movement (mechanisms) – Calculations (skill) – Cubes (material)

They mainly used the theme and the mechanism cards. The calculation card was quickly discarded. The cubes card was used in the beginning but abandoned a bit before the game was prototyped.


In this game, you are basically giant spider riders. As spiders are very fast animals, you ahve to give them several orders beforehand so they can analyse them. Each player has a small pawn in an arena, representing the spider rider, and draws cards in two middle piles : “actions” and “movement”. Each turn, players put 5 cards in front of them, then each player reveals the first card and resolve it and so on.

The spiders can bite, sting and even spit venom, granted the player has the “spit” card and the occasion to make its pawn pass through the acid pit in the middle of the arena.

Mechanicards – almost ready to print !

Some of you may have heard of the Mechanicards¬†I’m currently making for Ludi Vojago. To keep it short, it consists in cards describing board games I’ll use during the workshops.

Here's a sample card !

Still in French for now, translation coming soon !

I started those cards a bit more than 1 month ago for the first workshops, and they ended up being quite well received by various people, which made me very happy. Also, some people gave me very useful advice to improve them, both formally and graphically.


Here’s one of the first versions !

Now, I’m on the way of printing some sets of cards, as you wonderful people helped me to reach more than 2000‚ā¨ on Ulule¬†! I will also leave some sets of cards in the structures I’ll work with during my trip.

But reworking them wasn’t actually that easy due to some technical inability ! I used a vector drawing software to design the cards, which at the time sounded like a good idea.

However, what if I wanted to change something on ALL the cards ?

Yeah - I had to change them one by one.

Yeah – I had to change them one by one.

So I obviously had to switch to a publishing software, which I didn’t use that well at the beginning. But it gave me the opportunity to practice a bit. ūüôā

You can find the new format on the Mechanicards page. If you have any remark, suggestion, anything… Please feel free to tell me !

Cheers !

Successful crowdfunding and new website !

Hello everybody,

For starters, I’m delighted to announce that the Ulule Crowdfunding had been successful ! Thanks to the support of 61 people, the project collected 2015‚ā¨, which means 134% of the initial goal.

This, of course, is really awesome, so once again, thank you everybody !!

From now on, I will post frequent news on the blog instead of the Ulule page. For the occasion, the website has been reworked ! Some things are still in progress (I’m still not a potent webmaster nor webmaster), but you can already browse what’s new around here.

And finally, there’s a brand new Newsletter¬†! I won’t send you tons of emails, just a couple a month (maximum) to keep you informed of what’s going on around Ludi Vojago. You can subscribe here.

Cheers !


Some fresh news… on the Ulule webpage !

Hello everybody !

This website has been quite silent lately. My apologies to people following the project only on the blog (I believe there’s some of you).

However, the project is everything but silent : I’m simply updating the Ulule webpage, and can’t find the time to update this webpage accordingly – which will only last for the following month !

So, feel free to discover the latest news on the Ulule page news section : http://www.ulule.com/ludi-vojago/news/.

There’s several exciting things there, including the two first partners and the first workshops which already took place !

Alternatively, you can also follow the Facebook page.



Crowdfunding : start !

Hello everybody ! First of all, allow me to make a small point about the current state of the project.

РA first local structure agreed to host the workshops : Die Bäckerei, in Innsbruck, a wonderful cultural and social exchange platform.

– The region Franche-Comt√© is now supporting the project ! Thanks to the local dispositif “Energie Jeune“, a subsidy of 1000‚ā¨ have been granted for the trip.

– After attending the International Festival of Games of Cannes, where I had the chance of meeting ¬†several very passionate and interesting people, I’m now planning to go to Lille for the convention Ludinord. If some of you are planning to go there too, feel free to drop me a message !

But wait, there’s more !


As Ludi Vojago is meant to be a trip that people can actually follow, or even participate in some extent (by giving me some advices about directions for exemple), I decided to set up a Crowdfunding web page via the platform Ulule.

Now, my¬†goal is NOT to merely ask you for free and gracious money, but rather to establish a partnership between you and me ūüôā Behind this very marketing-friendly formulation hides some actual rewards linked to the trip and/or board games making !

So, feel free to discover and share the Ulule webpage in several languages :

ENGLISH – http://ulule.com/ludi-vojago/

FRANCAIS –¬†http://fr.ulule.com/ludi-vojago/

DEUTSCH –¬†http://de.ulule.com/ludi-vojago/

Bonjour tout le monde ! Avant toute chose, voici quelques nouvelles de l’√©tat actuel du projet.

-Une premi√®re structure locale a accept√© d’h√©berger les ateliers : il s’agit de Die B√§ckerei, un chouette centre d’√©changes culturel et social √† Innsbruck.

– La r√©gion Franche-Comt√© soutient d√©sormais Ludi Vojago ! Gr√Ęce au dispositif Energie Jeune, une subvention de 1000‚ā¨ a √©t√© accord√©e au projet.

– Apr√®s avoir particip√© au Festival international du jeu √† Cannes, o√Ļ l’occasion s’est pr√©sent√©e de¬†faire un grand nombre de rencontres tr√®s enthousiasmantes, je me dirige maintenant vers la convention Ludinord¬†√† Lille. Si quelqu’un souhaite me rencontrer et discuter avec moi, n’h√©sitez pas √† me laisser un message !

Mais il y a encore mieux !



Ludi Vojago est con√ßu comme un voyage participatif. Vous pourrez suivre mon p√©riple en ligne via le blog et les r√©seaux sociaux, voire m√™me interagir avec moi pendant mon trajet, par exemple pour me donner des id√©es de lieux √† visiter. Pour ces raisons, j’ai d√©cid√© de mettre en place un financement participatif via la plateforme Ulule.

Mon objectif n’est PAS simplement de vous demander un acte m√©c√®ne, mais plut√īt de cr√©er un partenariat entre vous et moi, par le biais de r√©compenses li√©es √† mon voyage et/ou √† la cr√©ation de jeux de soci√©t√© !

Alors n’attendez plus :¬†jetez un coup d‚ÄôŇďil et partagez la page du financement ! Disponible dans 3 langues :

ENGLISH –¬†http://ulule.com/ludi-vojago/

FRANCAIS –¬†http://fr.ulule.com/ludi-vojago/

DEUTSCH –¬†http://de.ulule.com/ludi-vojago/

Spotlight : Innsbruck, the Bridge Town

And here comes a new category of posts : the Spotlights ! My goal is to share some very basic knowledge I have gathered about the key destinations of the trip.

Obviously, Ludi Vojago is not supposed to take place only in big cities. I am perfectly open to smaller places as long as people are actually interested in playing and creating board games ūüôā

But I have to start searching somewhere, and “WHOLE COUNTRIES” is a bit too large. So, after deciding the key points of my itinerary, I’m currently searching places to be hosted around big cities. I take the cities, find out what’s going on there, then search in the smaller towns around, say, a radius of 50kms or something of sorts.

But as I’m considerating passing by those cities, better do some homework about them, right ? I don’t know most of them, so I only gather minimal knowledge meant to be completed (or totally ¬†discarded) by actually going there.

Let’s start with Austria, and the city of Innsbruck !


Innsbruck, actually meaning “The bridge over the Inn River“, is a city close to mountains. By “close”, I actually mean “very very close”.

The city is between M√ľnchen and Verona, two other cities I’m planning to visit. Couchsurfing-wise,¬†1,974 people currently have a profile marked as living around Innsbruck, which is not bad at all :-).

About games : there’s a caf√© full of board games in the city, the Caf√© Weli. There’s also a video game studio, Still Alive Studios.

Also, the city is quite touristic, and it’s quite easy to see why by looking at some pictures of local buildings.

And finally, some capital information from Wikipedia :

“In 1929, the first official¬†Austrian Chess Championship¬†was held in Innsbruck.”

Way to go !