Mécanicartes à vendre ! / Mechanicards for sale !


(little English below)

Les Mécanicartes, l’outil que j’ai développé pour les ateliers de conception de jeux de société, sont désormais disponibles à la vente ! Un deck de 36 cartes coûte 9,35$ sans les frais de port et vous permet d’animer vos propres ateliers (exemples ici ou ).

Vous pouvez les retrouver sur Printer Studio à cette adresse

Elles sont également disponibles au téléchargement sur mon portfolio, en licence CC Attribution : vous pouvez les télécharger, les imprimer, les utiliser, mais ne pas les vendre et préciser que j’en suis le concepteur – ce qui est plutôt facile, vu que mon nom figure en dessous de chaque carte !


I created a tool for my board game design workshops : the Mechanicards. They are now available for sale, but only in French for now ! They will be translated soon enough tho.

They are available here

Brussels, part 2 – workshopping hard

My week in Brussels was insanely intense. I described the first workshop more than a week ago, so it’s time to tell you more about the remaining workshops.

Wednesday 24th – HEB Defré “Game science and technics”

Like most of the workshops given this week, this one was given during the evening. It took place in the Games library of a school in Uccel, in the suburbean-like area of Brussels. Every wednesday, the Game library is open to public, so some people coming every week or so have heard of the workshop and came to create a game.

But most of the attendees were students in a 1 year game technics cursus. They want to be able to use games in their job, create games, open public game librairies or board game cafes, but whatever their final goal might be, they were really looking forward to create a prototype.


Of course, this very particular context pressurized me a bit. Those people are going to be professionals in the field of game (when they are not already), they have a large game culture and game design exigence. This workshop was actually a course !

But fortunately, everything went smoothly. I brought 2 sets of Mechanicards, as well as 2 Dobble and 2 Zombie dice games, so the workshop could take place with 2 groups. Each group played Dobble, then analyzed it, then added some Bluff, then the same operation was repeated with Zombie dice (and Cubes instead of Bluff). Once everybody finished an analysis or a card inclusion, one group presented his work to the other to confront it.


Mostly due to a large break time, I didn’t manage my timing proprely, so everybody had a minimum amount of time to create the actual prototypes – about 45mn after I gave cards and tips. So I had to make it up by defining the remaining time precisely : each group had 20mn to brainstorm, 20mn to create a prototype and then 5mn to switch tables so other people could test their game. The theme was “Harpist”.


This was quite an interesting exercise tho. Instead of creating a whole game, the workshop attendees had to create a small gameplay element.

DSCN0441 DSCN0440 DSCN0443

The games may be reworked afterwards during the formation, which makes the workshop more useful !


Thursday 25th – La Table – Food & Games

For starters, La Table is an amazing place. The title says it all : La Table Food & Games is a restaurant fully packed with very diverse board gams, so you can come, have a drink, eat something, play, meet new players, mix everything and have fun. Sounds great ? It is.

The workshop started with 5 people and ended up with 2 people once the actual game creation part started. However, this wasn’t a problem at all. The 5 attendees were regular players, so the analysis & rules addition part was done in a breeze.


As for the game creation itself, I gave the theme “Shadow play”. The cards were “Board”, “Material placement” and the dreadful “General knowledge”, which was quickly cast away by the attendees !

We had enough time to test the prototype 2 times. The second time, I played myself with another player not involved in the prototyping session. Our game lasted 30mn and was quite exciting. I really think this game can lead to something interesting.


It consists of a symetrical squared board with larger squares inside. Each player starts with 3 pawns on one side of the board. There is also a “Sun” on the middle of the board. Each player plays turn by turn. A turn consists of 2 actions :

– Moving a pawn (if it’s possible);

– Moving the Sun (not mandatory).


You can move the sun on any side or corner of the board. Sun cast shades : when comes the time to move a pawn, you can’t do it if the pawn is in the “shade” of another pawn. So if the sun is on the right side of the board, and my pawn is on the left of another pawn, I can’t move it.

This simple yet tricky concept is very satisfying to play and I’m very thrilled to see what emerged from this workshop.


Friday 26th (day) – Helmet institute – Schaerbeek

This workshop started at 8:30 am and finished at 3:20pm with several breaks in between. The breaks were mandatory because the workshop took place in a school with 23 children from 8 to 9 years old.



I couldn’t take much pictures of the workshop for right issues (you know… children). I was invited by the teacher, Bénédicte, and the children already played some games the weeks (and years) before, so felt somehow easy with games. Still, they were 8-9 years old, so I obviously had to set up a very special workshop, which was at the same time very exciting and very challenging.

We spent more time playing games, this time 3 of them : Dobble, Zombie Dice and Wink. We divided the room in 3 sets of tables so the children could play one game and then change table. Once they played every game, a guided session of game analysis took place with 3 sets of Mechanicards (I removed some hard cards before, such as “Narration”, “Draft”…). We helped them of course, but the results were quite interesting and accurate.

Of course, explaining why Zombie dice was a game using Calculations (“So, you have dices, and you can calculate the probabilit–wait…”) or what the hell is “Logic” was rather challenging, but at the same time interesting I guess.


Afterwards, I gave each child a secret card, and their challenge was to trade it with another child if he didn’t like it. So basically, 23 children were running in a classroom with Mechanicards, saying “I want your Dice card, do you want my Cooperation card ?”. Fun.

We then noted whom child had which card, went to lunch break and created not-so-random groups of 3 children. Then the creation started.

I didn’t even try to tell them not to take too much care of the visual of their game as it’s so very, very satisfying to create something fancy when you are 8 years old. For the first part of the prototyping session, we asked the children not to take any game material (except paper and pens) so they could focus on brainstorming (!). They struggled a bit in the beginning, but after we guided them a bit, they were ready to go.


I couldn’t focus enough to remember precisely all the games they created. So, yeah, most of them created Snake and ladders games or variations of Memory games for what it matters. However, some very interesting ideas came out when we tried to ask them questions such as “so, how do you play your game ?”. We had some time to have them test games created by other children, so they had to explain games to other children, which was quite difficult… and instructive.

This workshop changed the way I’m seeing the Mechanicards method. I think the approch has a lot of hidden potential I absolutely didn’t have in mind when I created them, and I’m very happy to see that they can be used in such an educative way. I’m looking forward to see how they are going to be used by the structures to which I leave a set of cards.


Friday 26th (evening) – Let’s play together

Remember Let’s play together ? This awesome association, organizing various events around Brusseld based on board games, asked me to do a “VIP workshop” during the evening. As I’m leaving a set of cards to them, we took some time to analyze the tool and see what could be improved.

The workshop itself was quite shorter, but as most people here were already familiar with Game design, the concepts created were quite interesting. The theme, given by somebody on Facebook (follow the page if you want to propose another theme later on !), was “Atoms”.



The first game created was based on atoms crafting. Each player starts with several random atoms, and the goal of the game is to create a precise chemical formula (HBrCl). Each turn, a player can activate his first or last atom to make it interact with another atom in the middle or possessed by another player.


The interactions between atoms is defined by an interaction grid. Due to the lack of time, we couldn’t test it enough times to simplify it a bit, so it was quite experimental.



The second game was based on memorization. You have to create an atom balanced between positive charges, negative charges and neutrinos. There’s a 3 pile of cards (protons, electrons, neutrinos), you can see each pile one time at the beginning of the game, then you have to memorize them. One pile is set on the middle and people have to bet points to define the card picking order.

D-35 : what’s going on before the departure

It’s been a while since I didn’t post some news about the project so far, even if the departure day is getting closer and closer. A little bit more than 1 month before the first trip, I may have some things to settle down, but there has been a lot of exciting news.

Let’s do a little recap.


Workshop presentation

The workshops lacked a short and clear presentation (nobody likes Walls of text). Here it is.

Feel free to use and share it to any structure which could be interested by such workshops ! 🙂



Translated Mechanicards

Remember the Mechanicards, those little cards describing board games mechanisms, skills and material ? Well, they are finally translated in English, so people from all around the world will be able to use them.

Feel free to use them as they are on Creative Commons Attribution. You just have to somehow mention me at some point, at least by highlighting the link to my website on the bottom of the cards !


I will put them more clearly on my porfolio as soon as possible, but so far you can download the PDF here.


Schedule scramble

The two first months of the project are going to be everything but what I initially planned.

* I’m starting my trip the 2nd of September. My first destination is Auxerre, where a workshop will take place the 3rd.

* Instead of reaching Besançon the 1st of September, I’ll be there the 6th to launch the project at the CRIJ. Then workshops will take place several times during the following week in different places (more information later on the post).

* I will most likely spend some days in Lille after Besançon.

* My next stop is Brussels from the 22nd of September for 1 week. Yes, Brussels – which means I’ll actually travel to 10 countries now. I couldn’t find any structure in Mulhouse unfortunately.

* Then I’ll travel to Munich to be up and ready the 6th of October.

* Finally, I’m going to the Essen spiel festival from the 16th to the 19th of October.


Confused ? Maybe a couple of screenshots will help you then !


Week1Planning  Week2Planning


Besançon workshops

So far, 3 workshops will take place around Besançon. I’m still looking for more (with a huge help from my friend there, Evelyne, who pretty much contacted the whole city – which for I can’t thank her enough), but for now, here are the workshops :

* Tuesday & Friday evening with the board games association Doubs you play. They are usually playing games thoses evenings, but they kindly accepted that I animate workshops at the same time. They are located here.

* Saturday, I’m going to animate a full workshop (playing then creating) at the “Maison de quartier” Montrapon, a place for young people to come and do… fun things.


Lots of board games material

Toutpourlejeu, an awesome company selling board game material, kindly accepted to sponsor the project ! So a pack full of board games material is coming in a few days. I’ll keep you informed (these guys totally deserve a full article).

However, I also bought some extra material on Spielmaterial to be able to do some workshops as soon as possible.



Ok, that’s not really related to the project, but I’m going in holidays for most of August ! So I’ll try my best to leave you some scheduled articles beforehand to keep you hyped 😉

Deux nouveaux ateliers à venir (avec des Mécanicartes imprimées) !

Même sans être encore parti sur les routes, les ateliers vont bon train, avec deux nouveaux ateliers prévus la semaine prochaine ! Vous pouvez les retrouver – comme ce sera la cas pour les prochaine – dans le planificateur d’événements à droite.

Quel est le programme ?

Cette fois, ce soit deux ateliers parisiens qui auront lieu !

Lundi 30 juin, 19h : une “Micro game jam” de jeux de société organisée par le Gamelier. Deux heures de création de jeux de société en équipe puis une heure pendant laquelle les équipes testeront les jeux des uns et des autres. Un événement intéressant en perspective, organisé par un club habitué à ce genre de manifestations et un véritable désir de réunir des concepteurs de jeux de tout poil.

L’événement n’est bien sûr pas réservé aux professionnels du jeu vidéo ! Si vous brûlez d’envie de faire votre premier prototype de jeu de société, c’est l’occasion rêvée ! Alors ne soyez pas timides et venez donc faire un tour :


Samedi 5 juillet, 16h30 : une Nuit du jeu (de 12h !) est organisée par Le Petit Ney, café littéraire et associatif ! Cette structure bien sympathique rappellera peut-être quelque chose à certains, car c’est ici que j’ai pu faire mon premier atelier dans le cadre de Ludi Vojago !

Une sorte de retour aux sources donc, mais cette fois dans le cadre d’un chouette événement où l’on va tous se retrouver autour du jeu. Beaucoup d’autres activités auront d’ailleurs lieu, comme du test de prototypes de jeux de jeunes auteurs ou des animations de l’association Under Construction.

Les 12h du jeu ont lieu de 14h à 2h du matin. Mon atelier aura lieu de 16h30 à 19h30-20h. Venez nombreux, c’est tout public !


Et tes mécanicartes alors ?

Une première version cartonnée est enfin prête ! Plus solide et plus pratique que la version papier que j’utilisais jusqu’à présent, elle sera parfaitement adaptée aux ateliers à venir, ainsi qu’aux premiers envois pour les contreparties Ulule.



Cette version, toujours en Français, n’est pas adaptée pour les ateliers autour de l’Europe, mais ce n’est qu’une question de temps avant de pouvoir imprimer une nouvelle version en anglais.

J’en profite pour remercier Laetitia Di Sciascio pour ses précieux conseils et avis ayant permis d’aboutir sur cette nouvelle version, ainsi que Guillaume Hoquet dont les avis m’aideront sans aucun doute à peaufiner la version définitive avec une grande précision !

Mechanicards – almost ready to print !

Some of you may have heard of the Mechanicards I’m currently making for Ludi Vojago. To keep it short, it consists in cards describing board games I’ll use during the workshops.

Here's a sample card !

Still in French for now, translation coming soon !

I started those cards a bit more than 1 month ago for the first workshops, and they ended up being quite well received by various people, which made me very happy. Also, some people gave me very useful advice to improve them, both formally and graphically.


Here’s one of the first versions !

Now, I’m on the way of printing some sets of cards, as you wonderful people helped me to reach more than 2000€ on Ulule ! I will also leave some sets of cards in the structures I’ll work with during my trip.

But reworking them wasn’t actually that easy due to some technical inability ! I used a vector drawing software to design the cards, which at the time sounded like a good idea.

However, what if I wanted to change something on ALL the cards ?

Yeah - I had to change them one by one.

Yeah – I had to change them one by one.

So I obviously had to switch to a publishing software, which I didn’t use that well at the beginning. But it gave me the opportunity to practice a bit. 🙂

You can find the new format on the Mechanicards page. If you have any remark, suggestion, anything… Please feel free to tell me !

Cheers !