Tête de linotte

Games I’ll give to the structures : Wink and Tête de Linotte

The first part of the workshops will be dedicated to playing actual games. I’m trying to achieve several goals :

– Breaking the ice between the attendees, who may not know each other yet;

– Giving attendees references of games themes & mechanisms so they’ll be able to use them afterwards, when creating their own games;

– Creating meaningful links between the players and the structure hosting the workshop : if the structure keeps the game, the players will be able to play it afterwards, then coming back on the site.

This last point can only be successful with some actual games to give. So I looked for interesting games to carry and give, and kindly asked some board games publishers if they could give me 12 games I could leave in structures.

Two publishers agreed and gave me games : Letheia Editions and Flip Flap Editions (which you can find on my Partners page).


Oh hello.

The 2 games I’ll leave behind me will be Wink and Tête de Linotte. Wink is a fun game where you basically have to wink somebody else to tell him you have a card he’s calling. But if your wink get caught, you lose points. The game is quite international and was taken in India by the association Inter’Lude.

Tête de linotte is a wicked memory game, where you have to memorize different animals of different colors, then give the right answer about a card revealed some time before. More cards are piling up, so the game becomes increasingly difficult. The game is very small, easy to carry and understand !