D-6 : Travel with a mission : the side (and awesome) quest










(No French version today, but if you wish to read something in French, you may have a look at the article about Ludi Vojago on the blog of Travel with a mission !)

Just a quick article today, not too related to Ludi Vojago itself, but to an awesome initiative : Travel with a mission.

What is it ?

Travelling can be great. If done properly, it allows people to discover new cultures, connect each other, share visions about life and so on. However, travellers sometimes feel like they could share more things, or to more people. Let’s say you are a Turkish fireman : you could share knowledge about your country, about firefighting, about first aid and so on. But how are you supposed to do that when you are just travelling from place to place ?

On the other hand, people in various contries are craving for people to come and bring meaningful knowledge to other people. Let’s say you are a teacher in Cambodia. You know people are coming from all around the world in your country. You’d like to invite them in your school to give a lecture about anything to your students, but you can’t really reach them !

The lack of way to connect travellers and structures together wastes a lot of potential mind-opening and discoveries. Fortunately, this is precisely what Travel with a mission is trying to do : connect travellers with a “mission” (or “TWAMers”) and people eager to give them a way to share their knowledge (or “TWAMhosts”).

How is connected to Ludi Vojago ?

Now, let’s say you are a Game designer trying to encourage the creation of multiple games all around Europe. Let’s say you’d like to work with several different structures and allow them to set up workshops on their own after your departure. Let’s say you are deeply convinced that creating games is a wonderful thing, very interesting and enlightening.

…see a pattern here ?


What will I do ?

During my trip, I’ll be at the same time a TWAMer and a TWAM ambassador. Being a Twamer means I’m going to use TWAM to contact Twamhosts on my way and work with them. But if there’s no Twamhosts in the vicinity, it might be simply because nobody has heard of Travel with a mission… which is where my Ambassador duty starts !

So I’ll try my best to allow people discover this not-well-enough-known community to improve it as much as I can.

By the way, I hope you guys have created you account on the website now ? Because we need you ! It’s simple to be a Twamer (you even can do a day or some hours it while on a summer trip) and a Twamhost – and if you don’t have access to any structure, feel free to tell your friends ! 🙂