Who ?

My name is Aurélien and I’m a Game Designer, which means my job is to create games. I attended a Master degree of Game Design at ENJMIN, the French public school of video game creation (http://enjmin.fr/) and worked as a Designer for a video game meant to fight illiteracy, Imagana : http://www.imagana.com/. I also had the opportunity to create a first board game, Eko, while studying. You can take a look at my portfolio here : http://alefrancois.com.


My first board game, Eko – French description

I am also very familiar with the fast creation process as I was able to make several “Game Jams” : game creation events in 48h. This kind of experience is an excellent way of expressing oneself via games, and a very strong intellectual and creative activity implying lots of different knowledge.

I also have a large camp counselor experience for thematic camps, such as Video Game Academy, a French camp from the society Telligo in which, well, children make video games !

Besides games, my other passion is travelling. I had the opportunity to live abroad, hitchhike or bike my way around several European countries and meeting/hosting lots of people via Couchsurfing : www.couchsurfing.org. Discovering cultures and people is one of my main life motor, so a project such as Ludi Vojago is something I can’t be too excited to do.

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