Why ?

 Why this project ?

Ludi Vojago is driven by a very simple principle : playing is cool.

Playing connect people together and create strong but joyul links. It is a very creative activity, rich and meaningful yet accessible to everybody. From Jungle Speed to Seven Wonders, Time’s up to Dixit, board games are so diverse that everybody can find a game fit to their taste.

So why not going a step further and creating a game ? Creating is also very creative and enlightening, while still looking not so hard : the only things needed are an idea, some material and a bit of knowledge in game design. The only challenge is to find, well, the material and the game design theory.

This kind of material !

This is where Ludi Vojago comes at rescue. The workshops are meant to take place in local structures contacted prior to the trip, allowing a familiar and friendly environnement to every wannabe game maker, thus facilitating the process.

Additionnally, the international aspect of the project allows one to ask himself what are the playing & creating habits among different European countries. Do we play differently across one border ? Which kind of ideas are more likely to emerge in whose countries ? I hope Ludi Vojago will give some bit of information on this topic !

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