Workshops 1.01

Workshop organisation

The workshops will take place within a complete week.

First day : contact and installation

Packages of board games material will be prepared prior to the trip, and then sent from France to the hosting structure. Therefore, I have to receive them and make sure everything is in good shape, then collect additional material once here: paper, cardboard, pens…

5 days of workshops: playing in the morning, creating in the afternoon

Everybody attending the workshops can come as many days as they want!

Every morning, we play! Using the board games collected in the package as well as the games I would be able to permanently carry in my backpack, the people will be able to “break the ice” and knowing themselves better while having fun. More importantly, they will acquire some game themes & mechanics that they will be able to use while creating new games.

Then it’s time for serious business! During the afternoon, I will shortly introduce some concepts of Game design, then invite people to make small teams to work together. The key idea here is to give people a theme, may it be large or even obscure: after all, creativity is often a fruit of constraints. Still, if the team is inspired with something totally unrelated to the theme, they are invited to discard it entirely!

Of course, I will be available for helping people while they are creating their games, give them feedbacks and so on. It is very possible to come back another workshop day to improve a game prototype! I would be happy to help people eager to push their prototype further.

Last day: sharing the joy with the world!

This last day is entirely dedicated to updating communication supports (website and social networks) with pictures, feedbacks about how the workshop actually worked and the diffusion of some interesting prototypes (would their creators allow it of course!).


 « Workshops – Travel » cycle

Two workshops series will be separated by a whole week, which I expect to spend properly! The plan is to reach structures and game-related places advised both by people I could meet and messages sent to me via social networks or my website.

I’m also very open to any opportunity of making a one day “micro-workshop” between two big workshop weeks!

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